Lakshya Model & Concept


Learning structure

Lakshya sticks to our motto of providing quality education at an affordable price. Sticking to this concept we prepare our students to excel in the medical and engineering exams, All our students are exposed to modern teaching methods in a competitive environment to encourage students and make them well-prepared so that they can perform well under pressure. The various tests will help students to prepare for the various exams like NEET, IIT, JEE, KEAM etc. We help students to build their conceptual knowledge base as well as make them attempt application-based questions.

Understanding that students require to have a strong foundation before venturing into the competitive exams, which is why we provide the best school tuition in Kerala for all science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) as well as Math. 

Renowned Faculty with standardized content

To ensure that we provide quality education across all the centers we provide a well-designed curriculum that has been curated by our in house faculty who are pioneers in their domain. This centralized method of coaching helping maintain a consistent coaching standard. Our teaching methodology also helps students to build their conceptual knowledge. The frequent exams and test papers will help students to improve their accuracy and speed. We also analyze our student's performance and help students to overcome their weak points. We also give a regular update to parents and provide motivational sessions to our students. The regular student/parent-teacher meetings will help students to deal with the exam pressure, minimize the stress levels as well. We provide a competitive environment while giving personalized attention. 

Our curriculum consists of both theory and application based questions. We keep our curriculum to stay abreast with the latest changes, we also refine and review our curriculum annually. To ensure quality education, we maintain a student-faculty ratio that meets each student individual needs.