Announcements 15-06-2020

Super 30 - Reach for the furthest star and conquer it!!

  • Super 30 is a highly ambitious and innovative educational program designed particularly for 30 meritorious students who have completed their XIIth and have scored more than 95%.
  • The course is meticulously made to ensure than all the portions are completed so that the medical/engineering aspirants can have a thorough revision.
  • All the topics are taught in the most simplistic manner so that the foundation is crystal clear. The curriculum is also regularly revised to keep pace with the competitive environment.
  • Tips and tricks for each topic are also discussed by the proficient faculty. 
  • Knowledge, memory and speed enhancement
  • Solve 30,000+ MCQ
  • Daily, weekly and part tests
  • 25+ full tests
  • 100+ unit tests
  • 900+ Hrs live classroom coaching. 

Get a first-hand experience of studying in a rigorously competitive environment. Further, develop and improve your problem-solving ability.