Announcements 10-07-2020

Residential programme

The NEET repeater course is specifically designed for those students who have already attempted the medical entrance exam but have not qualified or for those who did qualify but did not get admission in the institute of their choice. Students who did not appear in the entrance exams due to the class XII board exams and wish to drop one year exclusively to prepare for the exam can also attend this course. 

  • Our residential campus focuses on providing students with a good learning environment, with no compromises made on amenities, to ensure that the students feel right at home.
  • We provide separate hostels for both boys and girls.
  • The highly qualified faculties recruited for this course gives individual and personalised attention in order to help students attain good scores by minimising the negative marks.
  • The training is rigorous and students are subjected to multiple tests. They are constantly encouraged to try out new sets of problems on their own to make them more confident the second time around.
  • As some of the students have already gone through the training schedule, more focus is given on practice sessions and on clearing doubts.
  • The practise sessions uncover weakness and help faculties to solve the problems they are facing to enhance their understanding of the particular subject.
  • The problem sets are exhaustive and students are made to take the tests, again and again, to ensure that they are clear with the approach of solving the problem. Due to these tests, they will be able to manage time more efficiently.

After the regular class hours on our campus, students are allotted a fixed study time under the guidance of a mentor in our hostels. This will enable them to stay one step ahead of day scholars as they will be dedicating all of their time with us.